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Amendoim Wood Flooring is a very durable flooring and features a Janka Hardness Rating of 1,912. Amendoim is a wood commonly found in South America. Amendoim Hardwood Flooring is a good option for high traffic homes. Amendoim is a fairly hard wood floor, so installation could be a problem. Amendoim is a good choice for any residential area because it is durable and will last many years.

Amendoim is a good looking type of wood that comes in Heartwood and Sapwood. Heartwood is usually a light to medium red or brown color, while Sapwood is normally pale yallow. Even though Heartwood and Sapwood are usually these colors, sometimes it is hard to tell and they are sold together.

Amendoim Wood does show medium to high levels of graining. Amendoim shows growth rings, gum deposits, and many other character markings. Amendoim is a good choice for semi-rustic themed areas.

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