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Ash Wood Flooring is a good option to consider for high traffic homes. Ash Floors are have a unique look not commonly found in other types of wood. Ash floors usually feature warm, bright color tones. Ash flooring is designed to make your rooms look more spacious and compliment and decorating style. Ash is very durable and wear resistant. Ash is considered to be a softer wood, making it easier to install than most harder wood floors.

Ash floors are extremely beautiful because each plank can vary widely in color. There are two types of Ash wood available; White Ash and Black Ash. White Ash Wood Flooring is usually available in brighter colors, from pale yellows to light browns. Black Ash Wood Flooring features a large array of colors, from tan to medium browns.

Ash Hardwood Flooring is a good option for most home areas because it is durable and made to last. Ash features many beautiful colorations that will compliment almost any space and decor.

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