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Bamboo Hardwoods Wood Flooring

Bamboo Hardwoods Commercial Wood Flooring is made of only the absolute strongest bamboo available. Bamboo Hardwoods harvest bamboo stalks every 5 - 6 years, when the plant stalks are at their hardest. This method helps to increase the durability of your new floors.

Bamboo Hardwoods use formaldehyde free adhesives. Using Adhesives that do not contain formaldehyde reduces VOC's and helps increase the indoor air quality in your office. All Commercial Bamboo Hardwoods Wood Flooring exceeds the recommendations of the European and American Indoor Air Quality Standards.

Bamboo Hardwoods manufacture only high quality materials guaranteed. Bamboo Hardwoods is inspected from the start to finish of the manufacturing process to ensure quality. Then, when the floors are complete, they are inspected using a 40 point inspection process before the material leaves the factory. Because these floors are thoroughly inspected, they are backed by a lifetime manufacturing defects warranty.

Pre-Finished Bamboo Hardwoods Floors are made with an 8 coat aluminum oxide / polyurethane finish from Treffert coatings. This is one of the most durable finishes on the market today. The floors that have this type of finish are backed by a 25 year residential finish warranty and a 5 year light commercial finish warranty.

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