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Bamboo Hardwoods Wood Flooring

Bamboo Hardwoods Residential Wood Flooring is a super durable option for all types of homes. Bamboo Wood Flooring is made using the most durable bamboo available. Bamboo Hardwoods harvest the bamboo plants every 5 - 6 years during the peak of growth, when the stalks are at their strongest.

All pre-finished Residential Bamboo Hardwoods Wood Floors have an 8 coat aluminum oxide / polyurethane and acryllic urethane Treffert finish. This is one of the most durable finishes in the industry. This finish will look amazing for many years if properly maintained. This finish is so durable that it is backed by a 25 year residential finish warranty and a 5 year light commercial finish warranty.

All Bamboo Hardwoods Residential Floors are designed with quality in mind. Every Bamboo Residential Floor is inspected during the manufacturing process for any type of imperfection. After the floors are completely finished, Bamboo Hardwoods use an elaborate 40 point inspection before the material ever leaves the factory to ensure the highest quality materials possible. Because Bamboo Hardwoods has such a rigorous inspection policy, all bamboo wood floors come with a lifetime manufacturing defects warranty just in case any bad boards slip through the inspection.

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