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Bamboo Hardwoods Wood Flooring

Bamboo Hardwoods Wood Flooring has become an industry leader in the manufacturing of bamboo floors. Since 1995, Bamboo Hardwoods Wood Flooring help set the standards throughout the bamboo flooring industry because they produce only super durable high quality floors. Bamboo Hardwoods offer several solid and engineered bamboo floors to choose from.

All Bamboo Hardwoods Wood Floors are made with genuine bamboo and using only the best modern technologies. Bamboo Hardwoods only produces high quality floors and make sure that every order is inspected using a 40 point process before the material is shipped.

The Bamboo Hardwoods Mission is to "provide durable, cost-effective and ecologically sustainable products paired with the highest level of quality and services."

FSC Certified and all floors qualify for LEED Credits, are EO and CARB I & II Compliant.

Bamboo Hardwoods uses only the best European finished and adhesives. These bamboo floors offer great stability while having hardness ratings up to over 3,000 on the Janka Hardness Scale.

Bamboo Hardwoods use a finish that consists of an 8-step Treffert UV-cure aluminum-oxide and acrylic urethane which makes for the most durable finish available.

A 25 year finish Warranty (5 year light commercial) is standard on all Bamboo Hardwoods Flooring, as well as a lifetime structural warranty and lifetime manufacturing defects warranty.