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Bamboo Wood Flooring is a good looking flooring option and is environmentally friendly. Bamboo floors are one of the few wood floors that can vary greatly on the Janka Hardness Scale. Bamboo flooring starts off around 1180 on the hardness scale and go up to over 3000 on the scale. Bamboo Wood Flooring hardness changes with color, usually the darker the color the softer the wood will be. Carbonized Bamboo is the softest type of bamboo wood. Natural Bamboo is much harder than other types of bamboo and will wear better. As with any wood floor, bamboo flooring will last for many years if well maintained.

Bamboo Wood is an environmentally friendly flooring option because it is naturally renewable. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, because of this bamboo flooring has become a big hit.

Bamboo Hardwood Flooring Manufacturers have gotten incredibly efficient in the production of bamboo flooring. Bamboo Manufacturers first cut the bamboo stalk into strips. Next most Bamboo Floors are steamed in order to create amazing color variation. Then the bamboo is purified and kiln dried to eliminate unacceptable moisture. After that the milling process begins. Finally the planks are heat pressed together.

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