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Birch Wood Flooring is a warm and inviting type of wood flooring. Birch Wood is available in 2 color tone varieties: Yellow Birch and Red Birch. Yellow Birch Floors are made from the sapwood of the trees. Yellow Birch usually features creamy white colors with yellow undertones. Red Birch refers to the heartwood stock of the Birch Tree. Red Birch is generally a golden brown color with red undertones. Yellow and Red Birch Woods have only slight color variations between planks. You can also mix Red and Yellow Birch to create a one of a kind custom floor. Because of the light natural and deep red colorations, Birch wood floors will look great under any decor.

Birch Floors are made mostly from Yellow Birch. Yellow Birch is a strong and flexible type of wood that scored a 1260 on the Janka Hardness Test. Yellow Birch Wood Floors are easy to install, but are also prone to denting.

Birch Hardwood Flooring has many excellent benefits that make it a great option for homes or businesses. Birch Flooring is a good option for areas where spills are likely to occur because it is higly stain resistant. Birch Wood is very easy to finish and can be re-finished should the need arise. Birch will last many years in any area if proper care is taken.

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