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Bubba Engineered Wood Flooring is made of 100% wood and contains no man made materials. Engineered Bubba Wood Flooring is constructed using several cross-stacked strips of wood that are pressed together to make the planks. These engineered floors are very stable and resist damage do to humidity changes. Bubba Engineered Hardwood Flooring are available in wide width planks. These are a few of the reasons why Bubba Engineered Floors are an excellent option for most any residential or commercial area.

Engineered Bubba Wood Flooring are coated with a super durable, scratch resistant Valspar Aluminum Oxide Finish. The Valspar Finish used on these planks, will not yellow with age as some other finishes do. This special finish also helps protect your new floor from drastic color changes due to sun bleaching. Because of the Valspar Finish, Bubba Engineered Floors can be used in many different high traffic settings.

Most Bubba Wood Floors are made with a hand scraped surface. These floors are painstakingly chiseled and carved, plank by plank, by highly skilled wood working artisans. Each plank is considered to be a work of art, as such, no 2 planks will ever be the same. With Bubba, you can add a one of a kind wood floor to any home or office.