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Bubba Handscraped Wood Flooring is very popular flooring option. Handscraped floors take inspiration from the beautiful floors that were used in the colonial period. These floors will look amazing and will add an old world feel to any office or home. Handscraped Bubba Floors will look amazing in any type of building with historical significance or has an antiqued theme.

Handscraped Bubba Wood Flooring is a one of a kind flooring option. Bubba employs masterful wood craftsmen that sculpt and chisel each plank. These craftsmen are very skilled adding unique textures that compliment the natural character of the wood. Each plank of Bubba Handscraped Wood is made with a completely unique surface texture, which helps to hide scratches. Handscraped wood is a beautiful flooring option for all types of environments and Bubba Wood is no exception.

Bubba Handscraped Floors come in a variety of wood species. These species include acacia, birch, hickory, maple, oak, and walnut. Acacia is made for high traffic areas and is one of the hardest wood known to exist. Birch and Oak are good mid-grade wood flooring options that will last if well maintained. Hickory is one of the most durable woods found in North America. Maple is a beautiful option with only small color differences between planks. Walnut is the softest of these wood species.

Bubba Solid
Wood Flooring

3/4 in Thick Solid Wood
5 in Wide Planks
Pre-Finished Wood
Handscraped Flooring

50 Year Residential Finish Warranty
5 Year Commercial Finish Warranty

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