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Bubba Reserve Wood Flooring is an excellent flooring option for businesses and residences alike. Reserve Bubba Wood Flooring is made from several different wood species. Bubba Reserve Hardwood Flooring is made with an extremely scratch resistant finish. This wood flooring collection is look great and wear well in all types of areas.

Bubba Reserve Wood Flooring is made using 3 different types of wood: Hickory, Maple, and Walnut. Hickory wood is found in 4 colors in this flooring collection. Hickory is the hardest wood in this collection and has a Janka Hardness Score of 1820. Maple Wood is used in 3 of the colors in this collection. Maple is a dense wood that scored a 1450 on the Janka Hardness Test. This flooring features a single color that is made with walnut wood. Walnut is the softest, easiest to dent, wood in this collection. Walnut has a Janka Score of 1010.

This Bubba Engineered Hardwood Floor is made with a very durable 8 coat Valspar with Aluminum Oxide Finish. The Valspar Wood Finish used on this flooring does not hide any of the beautiful character markings shown on the woods surface. This valspar finish ensures that your floors will look amazing for many years with regular maintenance.

Bubba Reserve

Random Width x 1/2 in Thick
41.34 sq.ft./ctn

Hand Stained and Hand Scraped
Hand Distressed / Antiqued Edges

CARB Compliant

Engineered Pre-Finished Wood
Elegant Satin Finish
8 Coat Valspar Ultra Transparent
Aluminum Oxide Finish

Lifetime Structural Warranty
50 Year Residential Finish Warranty
5 Year Commercial Finish Warranty

Bubba Reserve Wood Flooring

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Bubba Reserve Wood Flooring - ACDE607 Drayton
ACDE607 Drayton

Hickory Wood
Bubba Reserve Wood Flooring - ACFO553 Monticello
ACFO553 Monticello

Hickory Wood
Bubba Reserve Wood Flooring - ACFU430 Hermitage
ACFU430 Hermitage

Maple Wood
Bubba Reserve Wood Flooring - ACMA386 Wheatlands
ACMA386 Wheatlands

Hickory Wood
Bubba Reserve Wood Flooring - ACMC539 Annadale
ACMC539 Annadale

Maple Wood
Bubba Reserve Wood Flooring - ACSP478 Kinsley
ACSP478 Kinsley

Walnut Wood
Bubba Reserve Wood Flooring - ACSS416 Ingleside
ACSS416 Ingleside

Maple Wood
Bubba Reserve Wood Flooring - ACTR393 Belle Meade
ACTR393 Belle Meade

Hickory Wood