Bubba Residential Wood Flooring

Wholesale / Discount Bubba Residential Wood Flooring

Bubba Residential Wood Flooring is a very popular option for busy homes. Bubba features 7 beautiful and durable wood flooring styles that home owners will love. Bubba Residential Wood Floors are made to last and should increase the resell value of any home.

All Residential Bubba Wood Flooring have feature an Ultra Transparent 8 coat Valspar Aluminum Oxide Finish. This finish adds a highly scratch resistant surface to an already durable floor. This finish also helps protect this flooring from the color changing effects of sun light. Because these wood floors are made with Valspar, they carry a 50 year residential finish warranty.

Most Bubba Residential Floors are hand scraped, giving them a historically worn appearance. These hand scraped floors are skillfully chiseled and sculpted by wood artisans. These artisans are masters of their craft and scrape every piece of wood by hand. Because no machines are used in the scraping process, Bubba planks are each given careful attention and no 2 planks will be the same.

Bubba manufactures 6 engineered flooring styles and 1 solid wood style. The engineered floors can be installed on any grade level, while the solid floor can only be used on or above grade.

Bubba Solid
Wood Flooring

3/4 in Thick Solid Wood
5 in Wide Planks
Pre-Finished Wood
Handscraped Flooring

50 Year Residential Finish Warranty
5 Year Commercial Finish Warranty

Bubba Solid Wood Flooring - OCBV994 Belleville Bubba Solid Wood Flooring - OCCH963 Cotton Hall Bubba Solid Wood Flooring - OCCR007 Crowfield
Bubba Solid Wood Flooring - OCGR956 Greenbriar Bubba Solid Wood Flooring - OCMG014 Magnolia Bubba Solid Wood Flooring - OCPW987 Pawley
Bubba Solid Wood Flooring - OCRL021 Roseland Bubba Solid Wood Flooring - OCST970 Santee