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Bubba Solid Wood Flooring is a beautiful hand carved wood flooring collection. Solid Bubba Wood Flooring is made with classic grains for a more rustic look. Bubba Solid hardwood Flooring is available in 8 colors to choose from and come in 5 in wide planks. Bubba Solid features a 50 year residential warranty.

Bubba Solid Wood Flooring comes with Valspar Aluminum Oxide Finish. This finish works to protect your floor of scratches and the like. This finish also helps to show all the fine character details that are built into each plank. Unlike many other wood finishes available, this Valspar finish will not yellow overtime. Bubba's Valspar Finish also has built in UV protection that works to stop the effects of sun bleaching. This wood flooring finish is completely safe for the environment: it contains no HAPs and has no VOS emissions.

Bubba Solid Hardwood Flooring is made from oak and maple. Oak is the wood flooring most North American's think of first because it is the most commonly used domestic wood flooring. Maple Wood is a very practical flooring option because it is very dense and durable enough for sports event areas. Maple Wood Flooring is used mostly for basketball courts.

Bubba Solid

5 in Wide x 3/4 in Thick
22.6 sq.ft./ctn

Hand Scraped, Chiseled, and
Lightly Distressed Surface
Hand Distressed / Antiqued Edges

CARB Compliant

Solid Pre-Finished Wood
Elegant Satin Finish
8 Coat Valspar Ultra Transparent
Aluminum Oxide Finish

50 Year Residential Finish Warranty
5 Year Commercial Finish Warranty

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Bubba Solid Wood Flooring - OCBV994 Belleville
OCBV994 Belleville

Maple Wood
Bubba Solid Wood Flooring - OCCH963 Cotton Hall
OCCH963 Cotton Hall

Oak Wood
Bubba Solid Wood Flooring - OCCR007 Crowfield
OCCR007 Crowfield

Maple Wood
Bubba Solid Wood Flooring - OCGR956 Greenbriar
OCGR956 Greenbriar

Oak Wood
Bubba Solid Wood Flooring - OCMG014 Magnolia
OCMG014 Magnolia

Maple Wood
Bubba Solid Wood Flooring - OCPW987 Pawley
OCPW987 Pawley

Oak Wood
Bubba Solid Wood Flooring - OCRL021 Roseland
OCRL021 Roseland

Maple Wood
Bubba Solid Wood Flooring - OCST970 Santee
OCST970 Santee

Oak Wood