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Bubba Wood Flooring is inspired by the craftsmanship of early colonial wood floors. Each Bubba Wood Flooring plank is handmade, one board at a time, by highly trained wood flooring artisans. Each artisan carefully determines each planks "personality", then chooses the tools and techniques to bring it out onto the surface of the wood. Bubba wood craftsmen are very good at adding chatter marks, antique looking wear and tear, distressing, scraping, worm holes, and much more to different parts of each plank. Bubba is one of the few manufacturers who take the time to actually hand craft each plank, you won't find machines or assembly lines in the manufacturing process.

Bubba Wood Flooring is made with a Valspar Aluminum Oxide Finish which helps protect the floor and displays the fine details of character each plank possesses. This finish will not yellow over time and is made with UV protection that helps prevent sun bleaching. This type of finish is also environmentally friendly: it is completely HAPs free and has no VOC emissions whatsoever.

Bubba manufactures several styles that are available multiple widths, which allows you to mix different sizes for your own custom floor.