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Copaiba Wood Flooring is a very durable flooring made from the resin found in the South American Copaifera Tree. Copaiba is a fairly hard wood with a Janka rating of 1,390. Copaiba Hardwood Flooring is a good option for mid to high traffic homes. Copaiba is considered to be easy to work with. Copaiba is a very durable flooring option and wll last many years.

Copaiba Heartwood is a beautiful reddish-brown color with dark stripes. Copaiba Sapwood is white or pinkish gray. Because this wood features a beautiful surface, it will be an excellent accent or centerpiece of any space. Copaiba is very similar to Red Oak, which means it is a good residential floor.

Copaiba Wood is a beautiful wood floor that will look amazing in any high traffic home.

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