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Designer Choice Handscraped Oak Wood Flooring is made to last in residential areas. Oak is the most commonly used domestic wood used in flooring because it is durable and easy to install. Oak is considered to be one of the softer woods. Because this type wood is soft, driving nails and staples through it is much easier than other types of wood floors. Oak may be a soft wood but it is still durable enough for all types of residential uses.

Handscraped Designer Choice Oak Wood Flooring has several benefits that make it a great residential flooring option. Handscraped Oak is a solid wood flooring collection that comes in 5 in wide planks. This flooring collection comes in 2 colors to choose from: Honey or Truffle. Honey is a medium burnt orange color and truffle is a dark brown option. This floor is highly resistant to scratching thanks to the nano infused aluminum oxide finish.

This Designer Choice Hardwood Flooring is handscraped, which means each floor will be one of a kind. The reason every floor will be unique is that every individual plank is completely different from any other plank. This surface texture will add an old world feel to any home, making it an excellent option for rustic themed areas.

Designer Choice Handscraped Oak
5 in Wide
23.5 sq.ft./ctn

3/4 in Thick
Solid Handscraped Oak Wood Flooring
Select Grade Pre-Finished Wood

Micro Beveled Edges
Nano Infused Aluminum Oxide Finish
Lifetime Finish Warranty

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Designer Choice Handscraped Oak Wood Flooring - HSS5-HO Honey
HSS5-HO Honey
Designer Choice Handscraped Oak Wood Flooring - HSS5-TR Truffle
HSS5-TR Truffle