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Handscraped Wood Flooring are becoming one of the most popular floors available on the market. Handscraped Wood is a completely unique wood flooring option because no two planks have the exact same surface. Home and business owners adore the old worn look that is associated with these types of floors. These wood floor options are inspired by colonial craftsmanship and are highly recommended for buildings with historical value, such as court houses or older homes.

Handscraped Hardwood Flooring one amazing benefit that other types of wood do not have. These wood floors can hide minor visible surface defects that can happen in the future, like a dent caused by dropping an item or a minor scrape caused by a stepped on nail.

Handscraped Wood Floors are available in a variety of wood species, sizes, and colors for you to choose from. Both Solid and Engineered floors can be handscraped, so you do not have to settle on one or the other. Even though handscraped wood has an uneven surface, most of these floors are made with a very durable finish. Each hand scraped floor will add a rustic and antiqued feel to any home or business it is installed in.