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Maple Wood Flooring is a very durable wood floor for all levels of traffic and has a Janka Hardness Rating of 1450. Maple wood is a very dense wood and great for home or office use because it so dent resistant. Most Basketball Courts and Bowling Alley Lanes are made of Maple Hardwood Flooring so most people have seen how durable this flooring really is. Maple wood floors are becoming very popular due to the beauty and practicality of these products.

Maple Sapwood usually have a distinct creamy white color with only slight shade differences from plank to plank. Maple Heartwoods are mostly tan or brown colors. Maple Wood is also know for the brown or black mineral streaks (amount of streaking can vary dependent on wood grade). This type of wood flooring will eventually become a beautiful golden brown coloration. The natural lighter color tones found in maple wood should compliment any type of home or business.

Usually Maple Floors have very light graining that are barely discernible to the naked eye. Maple Grains can range from straight lines to curly patterns. Some Maple Woods also have graining that is commonly called birdseye. Birdseye is a pattern of small markings that look like tiny eyes.

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