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Mohawk Wood Flooring

Mohawk Wood Flooring is a great option for anyone who wants beautiful and durable flooring that will last many years. Mohawk Hardwood Flooring features many different benefits that you will want to consider. Mohawk produces many engineered wood flooring styles with UniClic. Some Mohawk Wood Floors are made with an ArmorMax Finish. Because Mohawk Wood Flooring is designed with so many perks, it is an excellent option for busy homes or offices.

Many Mohawk Engineered Wood Floors are designed with the super easy UniClic Installation System. Wood Floors made with UniClic are a do it yourselfers dream because the planks click and lock together. Because the planks lock to each other instead of the subfloor, no nails, staples, or adhesives are required. UniClic helps to reduce installation time, which means you can enjoy your floor sooner.

Several Mohawk Hardwood Floors feature a super durable finish called ArmorMax. ArmorMax, by Mohawk, provides maximum surface protection for your new floor. Mohawk ArmorMax is designed to repel stains and messes caused by everyday life. This finish makes cleaning a breeze and does not require cleanings as often as other woods with different finishes. All Mohawk Floors made with ArmorMax come with a 50 year wear with stain resistance warranty.