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Pecan Wood Flooring is a durable wood floor option. Pecan is a fairly hard wood and has a Janka Hardness Rating of 1,820. Pecan Hardwood Flooring is very similar to hickory wood, the main difference is that pecan trees bear nuts. Pecan is virtually identical as hickory and may be sold together with hickory. Pecan is very strong, which makes it an excellent option for any home.

Pecan has the same basic characteristics as Hickory wood. Pecan Sapwood is white with brown or red lines. Pecan Heartwood is usually a pale to reddish brown color. Both types have a course feeling surface texture and a fine grain.

Pecan Wood is a great flooring option, if you want a long lasting floor. Pecan is durable and meant for use in high traffic settings. Pecan Wood Flooring will look amaing in any space.

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