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Residential Wood Flooring is one of the most popular flooring options to date. Residential Hardwood Flooring is available in a huge variety of options that will compliment any type of decorating styles. Residential Wood Floors also help to increase the value of your home and will not go out of style in the foreseeable future.

All Residential Wood Floors need a finish, which protects the wood from scratching or denting and adds the gloss level. When choosing your new Residential Wood Flooring make sure to find out whether it is prefinished or unfinished.

Prefinished Wood Flooring means that the manufacturer has already applied a finish to the wood. Prefinished Wood Flooring is the most common type of wood because it provides a faster and cleaner installation and is very durable. Prefinished floors can be finished with several different finish types, including polyurethane, oil-based urethane, water-based urethan, natural varnishes, lacquers, and shellacs.

Unfinished Wood Flooring means that the manufacturer did not apply the finish and it is sold as is. Unfinished Wood Floors mush be sanded and stained during installation which makes installation take much longer. You're probably asking yourself "Why would I ever want unfinished wood?" Well the answer to that question is customization. These unfinished wood floors can be finished with all types of colors, so you can have the perfect color floor every time.

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