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Solid Wood Flooring is a type of hardwood flooring that is made from a single piece of lumber that is either kiln or air dried before it is cut. Solid Wood Floors are mostly 3/4 in thick but a few other thicknesses are made. Solid Wood Flooring is available in a variety of species and surface treatments, such as handscraping.

One excellent thing about Solid Wood is that it can be re-sanded multiple times. There are two types of sanders you can use to re-sand these floors; Drum Sanders and Orbital Sanders.

Solid Hardwood Flooring is made with a classic tongue and groove for ease of installation and to help nail or staple to the subfloor. Solid Wood Floors can only be used in areas on or above grade level (they cannot be used in basements) because of stability and moisture issues. We also do not reccommend installing solid wood flooring in kitchens and bathrooms due to the high moisture content.

Solid Wood Floors are usually no more than 5 in wide and 7 feet long because larger planks of solid wood are prone to gapping (increased space between planks), crowning (curving upwards as humidity levels rise) and cupping (the edges of the plank appear higher than the center).

Solid Wood Flooring