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Walnut Wood Flooring, also known as American Walnut or Black Walnut, is a good option for homes and businesses because it is one of the most durable North American woods to choose from. Walnut Hardwood has a Janka Hardness Rating of 1010. Walnut is easier wood floor to nail and staple because it is a softer wood. Walnut is a very durable wood flooring option to consider even though Walnut wood is one of the softer wood floors available.

Walnut wood floors can come in a very wide range of colors. All Walnut wood floors can be classifid into two color categories: Walnut Heartwood and Walnut Sapwood. Walnut Heartwood colors can vary from a rich brown to a purplish black color. Walnut Sapwood planks can range from nearly white to a more tan coloration. Because of the natural color and surface grain differences, Walnut is considered to be a floor that will add warmth to any room in your home or office.

Although very durable, Walnut Hardwood Flooring is still relatively soft and may dent or scratch easily. You may want to look at a different type of wood flooring if you wear heels, have children, or pets with nails.

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